Land Access and Resettlement: A Guide to Best Practice (2015)

This Intersocial book provides a practical road map to corporate leaders, project managers, practitioners, academia, government and civil society for practically planning and implementing successful land access and resettlement, and creating win-win outcomes for companies and communities.

This book serves as the handbook for Intersocial’s training courses.

“This very comprehensive and well-written guide to land access and resettlement is clearly based on a great wealth of knowledge and experience gained from working on many projects worldwide. Case studies provide examples of innovative approaches and the latest thinking on practical solutions to address difficult issues.” Ted Pollet, International Social Development and Resettlement Advisor & Former Principal Social Development Specialist, IFC

“This book is a marvelous compendium of all the important elements of resettlement and economic displacement, and more importantly it is a practical guide to actually undertaking the work.” Bruce Harvey, Director, Resolution 88

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