International Experience

We bring to bear our extensive international experience on all our projects. This international experience enables us to reflect on lessons learned, and blend these different experiences into an approach that is in accordance with project requirements, applicable laws, and international standards.

Practical, Tailor-made Solutions

Intersocial personnel understand what is involved in planning, implementing and reviewing challenging land access and resettlement and other social projects and provide practical solutions on projects. This is due to our extensive experience in not just planning projects, but implementing them from A to Z. Intersocial does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that each project has unique characteristics that must be fully understood in order to develop appropriate solutions.

Resettlement Implementation Expertise

We don’t only plan projects we also implement them. We have hands on experience of managing resettlement and other social projects on the ground from inception to completion. Our approach to resettlement project planning takes into account the implementation requirements.

Familiarity with and Commitment to International Good Practice

Our personnel are thoroughly familiar with the standards and requirements of the International Finance Corporation, World Bank, Equator Principle Banks, and other institutions. We provide training to companies, institutions and government in the application of international standards and in the management of broader risks and opportunities associated with land access, community resettlement and other issues.

Focus on Capacity-Building of Local Teams

Intersocial generally works in mixed consultant / client teams to plan and implement projects. This ensures that the client’s social team fully understand the process and their capacity is built to manage the process going forward once Intersocial has left the project.

Industry Leader in Developing International Good Practices

Our team has been at the forefront of developing new good practice approaches in land access and resettlement. Intersocial brings this experience to projects and is focused on continued innovation.

Stakeholder Engagement and Teamwork

We strongly believe in active stakeholder engagement throughout the project process, and believe that the best, most cost effective and sustainable solutions come from an approach that fully engages all stakeholders.