Intersocial Consulting is a dynamic, innovative firm, focused on advising companies, institutions and communities on matters of land access and resettlement, livelihoods, social impacts, risks and performance, and stakeholder engagement

Various sectors are operating in a context of increased awareness and regulation regarding the potential social and environmental impacts of their activities, particularly in developing countries. At the same time, companies increasingly appreciate the business case for ‘getting social right’.

Intersocial Consulting was established to respond to the need for an international niche consultancy firm with practical experience in both planning and implementing land access, resettlement, livelihoods and other social impacts and risks on projects worldwide.

Every project merits a tailor-made, practical solution embedded in the local context. The development of practical solutions is facilitated by our extensive experience in both planning and implementation of projects. Compliance with international standards is actively pursued on all our projects.

Our Vision

To support companies, institutions and communities in delivering mutually-beneficial projects and making a lasting difference in the communities we work in.

Our Goal

To promote good practice in planning and managing resettlement and other social risks and impacts

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