Provision of tailored training courses to practitioners, companies and institutions on the effective management of social impacts and risks, including land access and resettlement, based on international standards, good practice and our extensive experience of projects worldwide

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World Bank & University of Groningen Summer School on Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Social Sustainability


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Training courses aim to provide participants with the practical tools to plan for and implement social risk and resettlement strategies on projects, based on international good practice.

Intersocial offers 1-day, 2-day, 3-day and 5-day training courses in different formats:

Sessions use an interactive approach offering practical and innovative methodologies and tools to manage social impacts, social risks, land access and resettlement on projects. The training courses include discussions on practical case studies from the participants and Intersocial's experience in planning and reviewing social impact, social risk and resettlement management strategies.

Key Modules


Intersocial Training Courses


The up-to-date, practical and interactive course in effectively planning and implementing successful land access and displacement processes is invaluable in:

Courses are presented by Intersocial Directors and senior staff in interactive sessions with relevant visual aids, discussion of case studies and accompanied by a copy of the Intersocial book "Land Access and Resettlement: A Guide to Best Practice".

Intersocial Consulting is one of the leading firms worldwide in advising companies and institutions on land management and land access and displacement issues. Intersocial has planned, implemented and reviewed over 50 land access and resettlement projects in 30+ countries internationally, and conducted benchmarking exercises on a further 60 projects.  We have provided a range of training and capacity building initiatives to clients, institutions, and on a regional basis.

The courses have been developed with a modular approach, to aid tailoring to client’s specific requirements in terms of content and time.

Key elements to be captured in every module include the following:

The Modules available are as follows:

Intersocial can also develop specific additional modules on request.

Past Intersocial Training Courses:

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