Mapping Services

Using new satellite technologies to provide clients with accurate information discreetly, through the digitization and analysis of structures and land use, which can be used to develop land access strategies and budgets, in close consultation with project planners

New satellite technologies has provided the opportunity to develop detailed high-level information on existing community assets at the early project planning stages, including buildings and crops, without the need for invasive community entry.  This is particularly useful when budgeting information and strategy development is required at the early pre-feasibility stages of a project, when final decisions to invest or develop have not been made and the project proponent wants to avoid raising community expectations.

Analysis Satellite Imagery

Intersocial uses satellite imagery sourced through reliable partners, which is then digitized at low cost and can be usedf in the development of accurate budgets to illustrate the potential cost of various development scenarios.  This allows the development of various land access approaches which can then be considered by the client.